Hi, I'm Howard.

I help adults and seniors with all phases of wellness & bodywork, including nutrition, fitness, lifestyle, and muscle therapy, so they can feel great and do all the activities that they enjoy for many more years.

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About Howard
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 Ask yourself..

             Am I healthier now than I was 10 years ago?  


If you're like most Americans, your answer is "No!"

...but you are not alone!

From poor quality food to toxic chemicals and busy lifestyles,
people living in the U.S. are among the unhealthiest in the world.

By not having the best health we can get, we aren't able do all the activities that we enjoy.

But who do you trust to give you advice on how to get healthy and stay healthy?

It's very difficult to stay our healthiest when we have nutrient deficiencies that 
we aren't even aware of, but can cause more health problems in the future.

If you're ready to stop slipping farther into declining health every 10 years 
and start learning how to help your body be at its best, 
then it's time to work with a Certified Health Coach 
who has knowledge and expertise from studying natural health and research 
for over 30 years. With his experience, help, and guidance, you can start on your path toward 
Optimal Wellness!

What is Optimal Wellness?

Optimal Wellness is the state of health that only a small percentage of people in the U.S. have. Their overall health is continuously improving, providing them with a life of less illness and less disease. When a doctor orders blood testing, most lab values are in the "Optimal" range, not the lab's Normal range. 

With Optimal Wellness, each person takes responsibility for his or her own health, making gradual adjustments to their nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle. 

Note: Optimal Wellness should not be confused with Perfect Wellness--achieving perfection in all phases of health is an unrealistic goal. Achieving Optimal Wellness in most phases of health is a journey that's very realistic.

With every new decade of life, a person with Optimal Wellness is able to look back 
ten years and truthfully state... 

I am healthier now than I was 10 years ago!

Howard Northrup, CHC uses his knowledge and experience to help his clients get to Optimal Wellness through changes in nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle that are safe and effective. He is not a dietitian, licensed dietitian, registered dietitian, nutritionist, licensed nutritionist, nutrition counselor, or licensed nutrition counselor. Nor does he diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent health conditions or prescribe vitamins or supplements. 

Got questions? E-mail Howard at Howard@HowardNorthrup.com
or send him a text.