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The following CDs and DVDs are available for you to checkout at my office at Carlisle Chiropractic Center in Melbourne. Please return any that you check out within two weeks so others can check them out, too.

(Page updated Feb. 27, 2023)

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The People's Pharmacy

Terry Talks Nutrition

Lillian McDermott Radio Show


Green Medicine Radio Show with Jonathan Wright, MD



People's Pharmacy:
Asthma and Infection
Beating Sugar Addiction (2 copies) 
Big Corporations Hacking the American Mind with Robert Lustig
Big Pharma and Corrupted Health Care
Community-Centered Medical Practice
Defending the Brain
Drug-free Alternatives to the Meds You Take with Andrew Weil, MD
Easing Joint Pain Without Surgery (2 copies)
Essential Oils for Better Health
Finding the Root Cause of Illness
How Acupuncture Can Help You Overcome Health Challenges
How to Fight Overmedication with Deprescribing
How to Pick Dietary Supplements That Make Sense for You
Is a Calorie Just a Calorie? Overdosing on Sugar Could Be Killing You (2 copies)
Less Medicine, More Health
Magnesium the Neglected Mineral
New Pathways to Overcome Chronic Pain
New Statin Guidelines
Old-Fashioned Food
Overcome Alzheimer Disease with Dale Bredesen
Preventable Errors in Healthcare
Protecting Our Eyesight
Reversing Alzheimer's (2 copies)
Scandals and Screwups
Should We Eat Less Salt? Coffee? Chocolate? Tea?
Surviving Allergy Season
Surviving Medical Errors and Seeking the Truth
Taming the Beast in the Belly (Inflammatory Bowel Disease)
The Cholesterol Myth (2 copies)
The Hidden Costs of Health Care
The Science Behind Fabulous Foods for Health
The Truth About Statins & Heart Disease
Thyroid Controversies (MP3 CD - for DVD player or computer only) (2 copies)
Thyroid Diagnosis & Treatment 
Thyroid Mysteries, Controversies and the Latest Research
Treating ADHD Naturally
Treating Thyroid Disease
Vitamin Backlash, New Blood Pressure Rules, and Cancer Overdiagnosis
What Everyone Gets Wrong About Weight Loss with Dr. Robert Lustig
What You Need to Know About Breast Cancer & Mammograms
Your Exercise Prescription for Good Health

Terry Talks Nutrition shows & webinars
Adulterated Supplements
Arthritis & Curcumin, Boswellia, Devil's Claw, Colon Cancer & Curcumin
Cell phone radiation, healthy & unhealthy exercise, xylitol toxic to dogs, ways to stop a cold, Americans on prescriptions
Cholesterol, neuropathy, cortisol 
Coffee & liver health, ketogenic diet 
Curcumin - The All-In-One Solution for Pain & Inflammation
Drinking Water
Grape seed extract
Neuropathy, cortisol
Sinus care
Tendons & ligaments, antacids, pomegranate, faster weight loss on paleo diet
Thyroid & Iodine, Vitamin D & Pregnancy, New Blood Pressure Guidelines, HbA1C & Nuts

The Lillian McDermott Show
Sara Gottfried - The Hormone Reset
Charles Majors - Cancer Killers
Andrew Saul - Orthomolecular Medicine
G. Edward Griffin - A World Without Cancer
Dr. Joseph Pizzorno - Top Toxins In Our Home & The Toxin Solution
Andrew Saul - Picking the Right Vitamin
ABC's of Building a Stronger Immune System with Robert Rountree, MD

NaturalHealth365 with Jonathan Landsman
Aluminum Dangers – What They Don’t Want You to Know
Vaccine Fraud The Undeniable Truth Exposed5
Essential Oils – Optimizing your health naturally with Dr Eric Zielinski

Green Medicine Radio Show with Jonathan Wright, MD
March 24, 2018 show
April 7, 2018 show

June 23, 2018 show

Health Summits & Other Shows
Sweet Freedom Summit - Holistic, Painless Approach to Cutting Sugar - Fran Sussman
Menopause & Progesterone - Dr John Lee (2-CD set) (3 copies)
Cipro, Levaquin, & Avelox: Risk of Permanent Damage - Global News (DVD)
Chris Wark - Essential Anti-Cancer Nutrition & Supplements (DVD) (4 copies)
Osteoarthritis - A Basic Vitamin Treatment - Jonathan Wright, MD (DVD) (2 copies)
How To Get Started With Transformational Clutter Clearing
Cataracts - Natural Treatment - Jonathan Wright, MD (DVD) (3 copies)
Minerals, Magnesium, Selenium, Zinc: What Are Trace Minerals - Wendy Myers (Facebook Live)
Cannabis, Marijuana, CBD, Hemp Oil: Understanding the endocannabinoid system - Holly Lucille
Cannabis & CBD Oil - Tom O'Bryan (Facebook Live)

High-Dose Vitamin C Therapy for Major Diseases - Andrew Saul
Vitamin C - Nutritional Fortress Part 1 - Andrew Saul
4 Practical Keys to Identify if You Have Hypothyroidism and Thyroid Autoimmunity - Michael Ruscio
Mitochondria Dysfunction and What You Can Do About It - Wendy Myers (Facebook Live)
Gut Health & GERD Q&A webinar with Partha Nandi, MD
Are You Deficient in These Minerals? - Wendy Myers & Dr. Bruce Jones
Dr. Stephen Sinatra & the Past, Present and Future of Integrative Cardiology - Kara Fitzgerald
Genetic Roulette: The Gamble of Our Lives (2 DVDs)
Foam Roller Exercises (DVD) (2 copies)
Pain Relief Exercises (DVD) (2 copies)
Secret Ingredients (DVD) (4 copies)
5G & EMF Nightmare (DVD) (2 copies)

The Sacred Plant - Episode 1 (DVD)
The Truth About Cancer Episode 1 (DVD) (3 copies)

Books on CD
Curcumin - The 21st Century Cure - Jan McBarron (2 copies)

Howard Northrup, LMT, CHC
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