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Goodbye Pain!

10 Natural Tips Your Doctor Won't Tell You

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            by Bob Anderson


This excellent book has illustrated stretches that you can do for many activities, such as walking, running, hiking, surfing, etc.  

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Stretching by Bob Anderson


Head and Neck (typical Range of Motion degrees shown):

Shoulder to Neck:



Between Shoulder Blades:


Hip Rotators (right side shown):

Hip Stretch - a seated version is shown in a narrated video on YouTube

Hamstrings (right leg shown):

Place heel of leg on a step (the higher the step, the greater the stretch).
 Slowly lean body forward. Hold position for a count of twenty. 
Return to standing upright position.

Iliotibial Band (I.T. Band) & Tensor Fasciae Latae (right leg shown):


Low Back Muscles (one side shown):




Howard Northrup, LMT
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